New England Norton Owners

New Englan Norton Owners

New England Norton Owners (NENO) is a diversified group of people interested in Norton motorcycles. In the USA we are primarily active in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We are proud to have members throughout other parts of the USA.
Our club administration usually meets on the second Saturday of the month at 1:00 pm at locations listed below for lunch, club business, technical discussions, and socializing. All NENO members and Norton enthusiasts are welcome.
We also hold or participate in many other regional events though out the year including rides, shows and bike meets.
Our members have a wealth of knowledge about Nortons and are always willing to give advice and help out if needed. Technical sessions are held periodically where we discuss technical issues or work on members' projects.
NENO publishes a newsletter and this web site. Membership entitles you to all that and more.

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    • Tech session? chat on EARLY/Series 1 commando
    • Open house sat Oct 5th NOON on Tech session 69/70 fastback, early wiring issues, "S", 70 "Roadster", ?halo headlight?, I'll be working on two early bikes...Ed S. and a repop of my first bike in the fall of 1970 Dave 978-626-1378 atlanticgreen.com/contact.htm
    • 2 weeks 23 hours ago
    • Events on Vape Cod
    • As seen in our Newsletter:THE “ART ON TWO WHEELS” HARLEY DAVIDSON EXHIBIT AND GALA OPENING Friday, September 20, 2019 to Sunday, November 24, 2019 Cultural Center of Cape S. Yarmouth CAPE COD VINTAGE MOTORCYCLE SHOW SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 22 2019
    • 1 month 1 week ago
    • NORTON tech session this saturday 31 Aug -noon on
    • Request for commando belt drive selection overview and gearbox topics. Might fire up grill later afternoon BYOB etc Followed by clean up and prep for dyno tech session - date TBA My info in "Club Information and chat".Call if in doubt!
    • 1 month 2 weeks ago
    • MC dyno session?
    • A few guys have talked up the idea of doing a dyno session for carb tuning. This show cases the main characteristic of a brake dyno... A constant load on the engine. Stay tuned:
    • 2 months 2 days ago
    • 2019 INOA National Rally
    • 840 mile return bonsai run was the trip for me. When I left the rally site and running on Rt 12 eastbound, the country western tunes were very "crusing " in mood. Sweeping right and left hand turns with simultanious gentle up and down grades matched the songs.very well and I was enjoying it a lot. However It does require more than normal attention to keep the 8' 6" trailer in the center of the lane and not wander... I was laughing when I saw a kid on some UJM with almost a knee down, like ricky racer, doing one of the long sweeping bends. Right up his tailpipe was a big tractor with tandem trailers full of dirt or gravel. Two 1 hour and one 2 hour naps had me home by 6 am saturday morning. The truck read out said I was a little over 15 hours. I though I would make it home OK but when going under the northbound 128/93 underpass in the slow lane, it was an absolute downpour and I though a tractor trailer was in the off ramp for 93 south missed the turn and went straight, It was so close it seemed he may have grazed the side of my trailer. Looking in the rear view mirror, I almost thought I could see in the rear view mirror and through the rain, the side door flapping a bit. OH crap. I knew none of the trailer contents would be falling out. So I finished coming home. Once home, when i got out to look, and the rain had stopped, I was so relieved that there was nothing... I'm still unloading my 1-1/2 tons of "stuff" from the trailer and may be done tomorrow or thursday..
    • 3 months 1 week ago