New England Norton Owners

New Englan Norton Owners

New England Norton Owners (NENO) is a diversified group of people interested in Norton motorcycles. In the USA we are primarily active in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We are proud to have members throughout other parts of the USA.
Our club administration usually meets on the second Saturday of the month at 1:00 pm at locations listed below for lunch, club business, technical discussions, and socializing. All NENO members and Norton enthusiasts are welcome.
We also hold or participate in many other regional events though out the year including rides, shows and bike meets.
Our members have a wealth of knowledge about Nortons and are always willing to give advice and help out if needed. Technical sessions are held periodically where we discuss technical issues or work on members' projects.
NENO publishes a newsletter and this web site. Membership entitles you to all that and more.

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    • Looking for 750 head, stock small port 28.5mm with full squish band, decent shape rebuildable core or better Steve Conklin Louisburg NC 919-495-8471
    • 1 week 2 days ago
    • Looking to purchase early cam 22729
    • Hi all. I am looking to purchase early stock Atlas / Commando camshaft for my 61 Manxman (650SS). Part number 22729 or 067817 I think is correct all the way up to 1970. The bike came with a Norvill 7S cam that I would be glad to trade but I have no plans on using such a big cam. Thanks all.
    • 2 weeks 6 days ago
    • Portsmouth Bike Show
    • I went, showed my '74... dude with the alien shades said he voted me best rUstoration...
    • 6 months 2 weeks ago
    • Great TECH SESSION
    • I agree, Dave did a great job explaining the operations of the rectifier, alternator, Zener and how it all meshes together. Thanks again Dave
    • 7 months 2 weeks ago
    • Tech Session requested by Dan
    • I did a few more tests with some components. I got the phototach working and measured the max shaft speed @ 2640 rpm. I completed the repair on the stator with silicone sleeving and E-class teflon coated 18 gauge wire to original length. I used this stator for the following tests. Then I remeasured the gauss of the rotors. They were tested at the keyway north pole at the edge adjacent to the next south pole and swept mid way searching for the peak strength. They showed a range of 1530 to 1802. Each rotor was installed and run at full rig RPM, hooked up to the 0.9 ohm load resistor. The voltage was measured with 8.65 to 10.6 AC volts indicated. Power calculated was 82 to 127 watts @ 2640 RPM. If you compare to the lucas chart for RM21/RM24, you can see they are poor/fair or much hotter than expected. You can look at the chart and see at about 2600 RPM the worst one which shows 9 amps or 108 watts, the best one was 127 watts. If run to 3600 rpm you would have 10% more and at 5000rpm it should be 16% more. So, final result...some of the rotors were not quite up to full spec and one was 141watts and the top one was 147 watts....@5000rpm. Final comment: the bone heads that claim if the rotor magnet that sticks to a screwdriver is OK. errrrtt WRONG The one that is NOT up to spec DOES sticks to a screwdriver. So that test result/rumor (IMO) is big time bogus
    • 7 months 2 weeks ago