New England Norton Owners

New Englan Norton Owners

New England Norton Owners (NENO) is a diversified group of people interested in Norton motorcycles. In the USA we are primarily active in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Massachusetts. We are proud to have members throughout other parts of the USA.
Our club administration usually meets on the second Saturday of the month at 1:00 pm at locations listed below for lunch, club business, technical discussions, and socializing. All NENO members and Norton enthusiasts are welcome.
We also hold or participate in many other regional events though out the year including rides, shows and bike meets.
Our members have a wealth of knowledge about Nortons and are always willing to give advice and help out if needed. Technical sessions are held periodically where we discuss technical issues or work on members' projects.
NENO publishes a newsletter and this web site. Membership entitles you to all that and more.

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    • Got Any Spare Change?
    • Good idea. We would only need to sell 100 t-shirts...............if we raise the t-shirt prices to $340 each.
    • 1 week 2 days ago
    • Head gasket
    • thanks will try to make tech session-my Saturdays are booked for awhile
    • 1 week 3 days ago
    • I typically go from my sisters house in Glastonbury only about 12 miles away. I got there way to early and eventually Mike and Gary showed up with the club booth. They luckily set up at the far end of the field from Ozone Pete the guitar/singer trio...He is great, but he is way too loud for me. What a turn out...It's easy to see they should be making a few bucks for their efforts, I did have many conversations with many people, of course mainly about nortons. British of course but a lot of Jap, Italian, american among others. Same for the flea market parts including plenty of non motorcycle parts. The club stand was set up right next to Mark Propster of NorEasterblastworks Hinsdale NH and we got an invite to have a open house/show and tell at his place where he vapor blasts cases and head. Maybe something for a meeting someday. Tony Lockwood got oldest bike trophy though he said there were two that were older but the owners had not "registered".or turned in their card. There were a few interesting nortons trailered in and for sale. A 74 850 that was pretty complete, that went for under $2500. We got a few membership renewals and new sign-ups. Sold a fair amount of club T-shirts. Myself I took the lazy way out and did not even bring clutch rod seals or any starters to sell. OH well
    • 1 month 4 weeks ago
    • NENO Girl!
    • Hi Guys, I think that this NENO Girl idea is a good one. I think Mike's idea of a contest has merit too, but I am concerned that it puts another layer of complexity on a rather simple project. Maybe we can have a contest next time if the NENO Girl project gets repeated. This is what I have in mind: *Get the bike/s together with the girl. *Take some good pictures (quality professional pictures, no cellphone shots). I have a professional photographer that will do the shoot for free BTW (he rode a Commando S back in 1970). *Gather the 3 or 4 of the best shots to run by the members at a meeting. If the gang likes the results; we have our NENO girl!!! What we do with the NENO girl photos is up for debate. At a minimum we circulate the photos and make the other INOA chapters jealous. They would have to respond with Norton Girls of their own. One thing is clear; beauty is beautiful! You gotta have art! I am an artist!!! The original Norton Girls ads were art. The NENO Girl will be too! My thinking is to use mint OE stock Norton/s if possible to lend continuity with the original Norton Girl ads. I’d like to start the project off with OE motorcycles. Later, if we go for a round 2 can use modified bikes. By OE stock Nortons I mean OE paint, pipes, seat, handle bars, fenders, etc., etc. Post a picture if you have bike that might qualify. We are going to do this. More details will be forthcoming.
    • 2 months 12 hours ago
    • handle bar clamps
    • Frank thank you, I can be reached at 603 498 1304, give me a call and we can work out the details. Thanks again. Dan
    • 2 months 1 week ago